Tuesday, September 21, 2010

life is really hard to keep up with

When do you know maybe its too late? when its too late to fix something that is broken? is there a deadline? is there a way out? what if it doesn't work? will someone tell us what is wrong? or will it be more time wasted? do you move on to something better? will there ever be something better? or are we always destined for the same thing over and over again? do we only get one chance? can we go back if it was the wrong choice? does the hurt go away?


  1. Girl... I've been there. There are many different opportunities for it to get better. If everybody wants to work on it... it will get better. I hope it gets better fast!

  2. I'm sorry you're going through whatever it is you're going through. Seems like a troubled time. I hope it all gets better for you sooner or later. The only thing I can think to share with you is that I believe the universe has a way of teaching us lessons about ourselves through challenges. Maybe try to look at what you're going through with wondering eyes and see what you might stand to learn from everything. Hugs.

  3. Sounds like you are in need of a hug. *HUGS* Wish I could do that for real, but that'll have to do. Salina is right though. Challenges, or "tough times" have lessons to teach us. Our goal in hard times is to observe our situation through humble eyes (perhaps it's not as bad as it feels), stay strong, and do our best to persevere righteously (without getting angry and doing something stupid). Hope you feel better Chupsie xoxoxo



Measurments- sept 1, 2009

L arm: 12.5
R arm: 12.5
L thigh: 26
R thigh: 25.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 14.5
Bust: 34.5
Waist: 37
Thighs: 40.5