Monday, September 02, 2013

Day 1 GAG!!!!

So! Today is the first day of GAG! Where am I starting? 139.5.

Im actually surprized that im at that weight. So my weight these past two years has ranged from 141 to 125. I would like to be anything below 130. I feel very bad physically in the 140s. The lower end of the 130s are better for me. My body has more energy stamina and less injuries. I also know the only way I can do this is to stay 100% gluten free or my body just shuts down.

I did my second day of a mini work out. Broke a sweat only cause its so damn hot. But im happy that I was able to do most of it. As hurt as I am with my neck I still felt compelled to do an arms workout.  I have not done any workout for my arms in quite some time and for the past week and a half have not lifted or used any upper body strength whats so ever. I know that I can get there. I really want to go for a walk but I can't leave my daughter home by herself.  I will figure out my balance in all of this. 

As for food. I think I did ok, my cal were at 1400 today.  Which was less than yesterday,  this also included the fact that I ate at my moms today. I did have a few more bites here and there that I should not have had. And I think the chicken I had will prob wind up making me sick. But over all I had a good day food wise.  And best of all there is no more cheese left in the house! Although I did finish it, but it wasn't much.

My biggest thing right now is sleep. I might not sleep all night but its 830 pm and I am so exhausted you have no idea. I still have this cough too... I would love to get rid of it but I don't know how. Next week I am going to be with my uncle who is going thru chimo so I need to get better! And soon! Also bad me was I didnt take my vitamins. Oh expecially since the analysis part of calcount says that I had no nutrition at all today. Even tho I think that's kind of bogus!  I had string beans and peas, chicken a lil banana and a peach. Oh and an egg this am. Come on its not like I had bad food all day!

Tomorrow I am going to do what I used to do about breakfast,  piece of toast, and a half cup of yogurt. Very filling and low cal. I really enjoyed reading my past posts to see what I did in the past to find out were I need to be now. I blew myself away with how diligent and detailed I was. Like I don't even know where that part of me went.

Well off to bed. More diligent and purposeful actions tomorrow! 

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Measurments- sept 1, 2009

L arm: 12.5
R arm: 12.5
L thigh: 26
R thigh: 25.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 14.5
Bust: 34.5
Waist: 37
Thighs: 40.5