Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week One Weigh In!!

No good news to report: 146.0 which I am not surprised about... I have been so busy and everything is all over the place.... But I am trying my hardest to stay focused as often as possible. I should be getting my green tea pills by Monday so I will finally start to feel like myself again! I plan on having energy again! from that I can focus on getting active... It is very hard to be active when you are constantly falling asleep!

I have work tonight and I have so many other things to do also.. me and hubby are planing to go to Atlantic city this Friday just for the night and to drive back in the early am... I am very excited about going but I want it to be just us! No one else...we never get alone time, we never get to be just us... if we dont have the baby we have either his brother or some other family member or we are home and doing nothing... Hubby wants his father to come... I don't want him to come I want to enjoy my hubby all to myself... and hubby wants to leave as soon as we hit or make some money and if we take his father he will not let us leave let alone let us make money! he will make 5000 and leave with -2000! he does it all the time... last time we went with him we were up 2000... we lost all of it cause of him... and if hubby wants to leave his father will not let us.... its not that I dont love my father in law I do... but I want some alone time with hubby just to be us... not worry about someone else being there and not have to accommodate someone else's wishes.. anyway.. I have work tonight and tomorrow and if all goes well I will be district come next weekend!!!!!

ok that's enough for right now... I am overwhelmed so far! I have been looking for something new to cook for hubby and let me tell you... I cant find jack shit!!!! nothing else that he would eat! Nada zero zilch! he is sooo damn picky and I dont know what else to do... he eats meat and potatoes and occasionally will have broccoli... and pasta... no rice no other veggies no mushrooms, half the meat recipes call for mustard so he wont eat those... and Im worried about cooking tonight when I have to get ready to go out tonight!!! uhhh!!!!

yea I dont know why but I am very pmsie lately... its quite bad!!!! no its really bad cause the way I feel and am acting is pissing me off more I dont like being like this at all. it bothers me way more than anything else in the world.. I am also beyond tired at this point....

ok well I have to figure something out to fix my problem I know its cause of my cfs that I am so tired and that's why I am eagerly awaiting my green tea pills... they are supposed to help suppress your appetite and help you lose weight but the best thing they do for me is simply give me the energy that a normal person has! And the impatience for my pills are killing me!!!!

I am going to go... talk to everyone later... sorry about the downer today..


  1. OMG I'm totally on your side for the dad on vacation thing. Nothing wrong with wanting to get away just you and hubby for a night away. Romance! Like serioulsy. I'd murder my hubby if he tried to bring his dad on a vaca with us. Thank god he doesn't like his dad. :)

    I'm totally pmsy too. I told a friend today that I just don't even like being around me right now.

    Hang in there girl, you'll come out of it and be happier, healthier, and stronger than ever.

  2. I vote for leaving dad home too. Nothing like a night out just the two of you.

  3. A night out will be great! Go for it! And I hear ya on being tired. I get the same way when I have a lack of sleep. I have a bad habit of not getting enough sleep, but I find when I do get enough, I feel better in body and mind. :) Hope things look up for you soon! :) You're doing great, just hang in there! :)

  4. Sometimes you just gotta get that alone time. I know exactly what you are talking about and even if he your FIL did let you all do your own thing, he would still be there and someone that you have to think about. I hope your hubby sees it your way and you two get to go alone.

    I am normally always exhausted. I have fibromyalgia and fatigue is a constant battle. I have used green tea pills too and they did help so I understand you there too.

    Hopefully next week will be your week. You can do it and we all are here to support you!

  5. I LOVE Atlantic City...I go a lot, don't gamble tho b/c I'd want to play poker or blackjack or something and that intimidates me. :P Anyway., go alone!!! Everybody needs time to themselves! Family is for picnics and reunions. :P It's funny how many bloggy friends are pmsing at the same time...i went to dinner by myself last nite b/c I was seriously nagging the hubby. SO, get some relaxing time and tell the hubby if he wants to be picky abou this food - he can cook it. :P See you around for the lhas challenge and hope you feel up to [par soon!

  6. Meat and potatoes- exactly what we're having tonight (with a salad). Does your hubby like spicy? Curry? I've got an excellent recipe for a curried mince & potatoe pie...

    Saute onions in oil. Add curry (powder is good, paste is better). Add ground beef until cooked. Add can tomatoes, simmer until thickened (about 20 min). Meanwhile make mashed potatoes (nice made with sour cream or natural yogurt, which both tastes exactly the same, but nutritional info is WAY different). When done, place beef sauce in pie pan, or casserole dish. Top with mashed potatoes. Bake till slightly golden brown (20 min). Baking part optional. Also would work with any flavor beef sauce, not just curry... try regular italian flavoured.

    As for weight loss - GET YOUR BUTT IN GEAR GIRL! I know you have it in you. Just DO IT! ;)

  7. You have a great time tonight! And I'm so excited I can really read your blog now!



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