Wednesday, November 18, 2009

interuption.... of your normally scheduled post

So my post was supposed to be a continuation of yesterday but I have to interrupt my scheduled broadcast for crazy shit:

car is a mess, so now me and hubby are play'n around with hours to see what we can do with work, and to see if we can have someone fix the car for us so that its only parts and not labor. I can not get in touch with my mechanic... I am very upset about this, it is almost as if he is out of business! My mechanic has been the only one to work on all of my cars I have trusted him fully and have never had a problem with anything he has ever told me! I am really shaking trusting someone else. We have two options, either a friend or hubby's uncle... I trust his uncle but I still feel unsure that he might just do it quickly to just get it done and call it a day... that scares me, what if they aren't really caring enough to do the right thing. These are breaks we are talkn about.

And if we don't get this straightened out quickly and cheaply its soo going to mess up our Xmas! Hubby keeps on telling me that I am freaking out but I have every right to be freaking out at this point! We have no money in the account till tomorrow, and if the money doesn't get in by a certain time than it will not clear for the next day and if it doesn't clear for the next day our bills will put us in the neg. Now, that's a 35$ charge! uhhh I hate banks. Not only that we have black Friday shopping planned and unless everything goes right there will be no cash for black Friday, uhhh, we planned out all our Xmas shopping around the black Friday deals. and not only that we have to pay $600 to our car in the first week of Dec, which we might not have money for! Like hubby keeps on telling me that we will have the money cause we have 5 paychecks that come in before our car insurance is due but I have this sick to my stomach feeling that we will not make it!

I am funny when it comes to money its more of a gut feeling for me, hell most my life is about gut feelings and let me tell you this one is bad. I don't want to be put into a hole, I don't want to sit with no money not even for a day. This can all go away and we might be just fine and I could be freaking out over nothing. Yet I feel that ..... wait, what if something happened to my mechanic, what if he is hurt or sick or something? maybe that is what is bothering me... We have been trying to get in touch with him for 2 weeks with no answer now the phones are dead... I hope everything is ok.

Well I have to get home now, uhhh everything is all over the place today, I have to prep dinner and put it in the oven before we leave, which means I have to start dinner at 5, I have to do laundry and determine if the munchkin has to take a nap, if so that would make life easier, if not than its going to be a long afternoon.

god help me! I have way too much to do with less time at this point. Instead of having 3-630 today I have from 3-5... great... oh well, I have to try and calm my nerves down... I'm not flipping out but my nerves are all uptight and it is hurting my back...


  1. I am sorry, there is nothing worse than trying to fix something, not having the money and not having the ability to get the money and hoping what money you are supposed to have comes through....Close your eyes and in three days, this will all be behind you...(waves magic wand)..
    I am having a completely and utterly crappy day as well. YOu are in good company.

  2. I SOOOOO know what you mean right now. Boy, do I. Especially about money being a gut feeling thing. And I too have a healthy dislike for banks. Totally understanding what it's like to budget to the penny, I will keep my fingers (and toes and legs and arms and eyes) crossed for you today on getting th emoney on time, AND figuring out the brakes. Darn cars.



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