Wednesday, November 25, 2009

stress reducer

So, I find my ownly stress reducer is when things finally fall back into place. Now, for the past few days everything has been a complete mess! Home AND work related. It is the end of our Fiscal year for my company, and also with the holidays we have been doing mailings. Not to mention the short week. So For the past week at work has been quite aray, which is why I have not been posting. I have been working hand in hand with my boss constantly. Now he is one of those people that don't let you work. Uh, I am so happy most days its just me in my office by myself. I get so much accomplished! Well anyway today finally, my boss left me to my own devices and I finished up all the work for the week and caught up on other things that needed to be done. I am pleased to be back on schedule with my work.

As for the home front... WE GOT THE ROTORS!!!! I got a pleasant call at 7:45 this morning that the rotors that came in MATCH! I love when things go right. After I got that phone call I was able to start relaxing and not stress soo damn much! So its a good assumption that sometime within the next 4 days my car (by baby) will be back to her old self. Tomorrow I might get to it, we don't have dinner till 5:30, and it's at family so I don't have to cook. But I do have to make 2 pies. So that will have to get done. Now Friday is completely shot. I still don't even know whats going on, its almost if I might have to say home. We just have to see how it all goes.

I do have to say that I am sooo looking forward to this weekend, I am super excited to try and catch up on some sleep. I know hubby is starting to feel a little better too, which is great. We though for a day or 2 that he might of had to go BACK to the doc... But the antibiotic is starting to work. Thank god!

Little by little things are getting back to what they were. Now, I just have to get back on my way to lose weight. I have slacked like you wouldn't believe! Yesterday I weighed in at 146, but I think alot of it was water weight. I have been having to pee every 5 min, But I am still eating more than I should be. I am starting to cut back again, yet I find myself helpless through all this stress to cook, So for lunch or breakfast or both I have been relying on PBJ's soo bad! its only 390 cal but still, if it keeps on adding up or I decide to be a little generous it jumps to 450! Not to mention that I have been snaking here and there.

Me and hubby both have been feeling the burden, yesterday he felt the same as me. We both want to eat a big full meal but are trying to fill the void with snacks... to no avail.

So I have decided that I am going to make a nice dinner tonight. I have no idea what I will be making. But I have to cook up baby's veggies. Oh I am going to be soo happy, I really have wanted veggies but have had no will power to cook. So I will be making veggies tonight and I want to try something new. Something super yummy.

Any ideas? but remember that hubby doesnt eat veggies... I have the ingredient for clam chowder, but I don't know. Maybe if I do something along with it. Oh! I know, I should do scallops! only problem is I do not have a car to go to the fish market... :( so lets see, I can do scallops and clam chowder on Friday... I know what I am going to do, I have my grandmother's dumpling recipe that I can do, I think hubby will like it! ok well I will be making that for dinner.

Damn I really have to start doing meal planing!
Wednesday: dumplings/beef cubes (dumplings for baby with mushrooms)
Thursday: thanksgiving, make cranberry pie and pumpkin pie (Baby??- rice/stuffing/sweetpotatos/mashed potatos/anything else she wants)
Friday: new England clam chowder and scallops for dinner, lunch eat out (whiting for the baby) (rice and veggies for lunch for baby)
Saturday: Hamburgers/hotdogs with corn for lunch, Pasta with red sauce for dinner (pasta for baby) (carrots for baby for lunch)
Sunday: chicken sandwiches for lunch, bbq ribs with french fries (fries and veggies for baby) (yogurt with oatmeal for lunch for baby)

yea I know that all that doesn't sound like someone that is on a diet but that's the kind of diet that helped me lose 15lbs, I'm weird! Anyway I will also be sub-ing for myself with veggies instead of french fries and I won't eat chicken on bread so I will be eating chicken with veggies. For the hamburgers/hot dogs I don't eat them with bread.... yea I will eat everything else though, just controlling portion size. ok yummy, I'm hungry now. Oh today's lunch I will have my rice and bullion cube, its 165 cal for a very yummy and filling lunch! Thurdsay I will not watch cal but the rest of the weekend my goal is 1300 cal! and workouts, I want to break in my new EA Active!

The munchkin should be napping as soon as I get home so I will be working out then, I am really excited to work out too! I miss moving and grooving, Oh I don't think I posted that me and my mom went for a walk for about an hour and a half on Sunday! It was a very nice and long walk, I really needed it too. I know there are a few things that I have to get done but, after my daughter wakes up if the weather is still good I might walk to the library. we haven't been there in weeks and I would love the walk. (too bad the fish market is way too far to walk)

You know whats funny, since I started living in my hubby's parents house I love going out for walks, I think its a mix of getting out of the house and the neighborhood. I love where we live! The nice, quiet and friendly neighborhood was nothing like where I grew up. I wish we could stay in this town forever, I know it won't happen but I can wish for it still.

Ok well, its been a long week and a long post, I hope that everything is going to be according to plan the next few days. Next week everything should be back to normal. I will be on here more so I hope to see you all soon!

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