Monday, January 04, 2010

feeln better

So, since I am feelin a little better I was wanting to write about what I am looking forward to this coming year.

First off I am looking forward to what I already started. I have gotten my body back and want to lose the remainder of the weight along with keeping it off in a healthy way.

I know this will be something that will come easy if I stay on top of myself. I have to be strick in my plan to work out and make healthy choices... working out now there is something that I have to keep up with! It will help me thoughly! I need to be persistant! I will be starting with once a week for the month of Jan! I think I should be able to handle that. I am starting very slow because I am injured. I want to do more but I have to keep low for a little while. I will start to feel better soon. And I will not let myself go because I do not feel good. That is not an option. I know working out will make me feel better. It might take me a week to recover over and over again but a work out is and will always be a healthy thing in my eyes.

Now, Second. Being paperless. I have been very good about staying paperless. I actually just finished scanning anything that I had from 2009, So its a fresh start and a fresh year! I plan on making it stay like that. Also I have manuals and crazy things like furnitue assembly directions. I want to see if I can get rid of those too. I know the furniture assembly stuff I can scan its not alot and can easily be gotten rid of once scanned. My plan is to be completly paperless and bookless. I have gotten rid of some books and I have much more to get rid of. I still have to write down all the titles and give them to my cuz, but I already have my ereader set up and have several if not too many books already. I know that I should buy books that I need to add to my collection but I can do that at any time. I am enjoying being able to read more. Best part is I can read whenever I want to at work because the ereader lets me download any books on any computer... anyway...

I want to take better care of myself. I know my GAG challege was supposed to be a main focus on me and all of me not just my weigh but I still find no time or energy to do my hair/nails/makeup. I have to start making the effort though. There are alot of reasons for me to take better care of my apperance, I just have to find a happy medium with my OCD.

Now as for living my life to the fullest. I have to plan things that need to be done better so that I can have more time to enjoy what I am actually not having "to do". I am very much enjoying the fact of being able to read but I have to be able to read without getting sucked in and also be able to get tasks accomplished quickly.

I know it all seems weird written but in actuality I want a simpler life. I want a fuller life and I want a happier life. I want to enjoy my days without having to say uhhh, what a day. I am always perky and happy but I am never feel accomplished and relaxed all at the same time. I want to have a well rounded feeling about my life.

The way to get there might be hard but one day at a time I know that I can make changes in my life. Do I really know where to start, no but I feel that taking this task day by day is the only way to accomplish anything. I mainly plan on just not thinking too much about the on goings of life and just focus on the hear and now. But as I do that I also have to plan to accomplish tasks sometime and enjoy the rest of my time. I have been trying to plan things that need to get done with my daughter awake instead of asleep so that I can better enjoy some down time to read or take care of myself when my daughter is sleeping. I know this almost seems backwards but I have been killing myself durring nap times and I feel if I do the opposite maybe relaxing is more of what I need. I can than fidget and do while she is awake and not worry about waking her. Yes she will make life a little harder but she is getting better and not so distructive.

Well so far that is all I have... I will be back tomorrow for more of my new year and where I want to be by the end of this year...

I plan on writting myself a new beining and a better future.

Not to mention writting a few books along the way....

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  1. Wow, sounds like you are doing great! Happy to see you are so motivated and have such a clear idea of what you want for the year. I am loving the New Years fever surrounding me, and I plan to take full advantage of the energy.

    Here's to a great 2010 and to finishing what we started!

    Also, Annie (Incredible shrinking girl) and Sheila and I are committed to bugging each other on the weight loss front, and I'd be happy to keep you accountable too. I'm going for a 8 lb loss, and so is Sheila. Annie and I have decided to 60 min of exercise per day (a big challenge for me, not so much for Annie). Anyway, good luck whatever your goals may be :)



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