Monday, August 24, 2009

I did it!

My goal for the weekend was to beat that dreaded 154.5... Well to let you all know I did it and I did it with style! I am currently 153! YAHHH! the closer I am to 150 the happier I will be! I currently have 8lbs to go till my Oct 5th deadline.

Also as you may have noticed my blog name has changed. I am back to the original goal of 135. Why? Well for starter I don't want to be too thin, and I dont want to have to maintain such a low weight like 125, and if right now at 153 I can squeeze into a size 8, than I dont want to get down to a size 4 and not be able to wear my cloths. Which is my ultimate goal. Speaking of goals I think I have to rework them a lil bit...

Goal 1: 145 by Oct 5, 2009
Goal 2: 135 by Feb 1, 2010.

I would do 135 by the end of the year but that might be a lil unrealistic with the holidays. I know that with my GAG challenge I will lose most of the weight by the end of the year but I want to give myself 1 extra month to make sure that there are no relapses and I make it to 135 in a timely manor. Calcount says that I should be there by Jan 7th. So I know I am on the right track. Also I dont know how it will work out that me gaining some muscle mass back while losing weight... I'm not sure where I will end up... but we shall see when I get there.

So as for my motivation:

MOTIVATION: fit into pants! Black with white lace trim ( I fit into the size 8 pair but I have one in size 6 also)

Motivation: size 10 jeans for alynn's first bday! (Past that! )

Motivation: Wear black skirt for 5 year reunion! ( and buy a top) ( I should fit into that skirt now, I didnt try yet, but a new top if I get to 140 by my reunion would be FANTASTIC!)

Motivation: look sexy for valentine's day ( Victoria secrets!) (This will be my ultimate end motivation, new undies/bras you know wink wink... thats if I make it to 135 by Feb 1)

Motivation: fit into MY jeans!!!! (size 8!) ( I fit but the muffin top is sooo killing me! I have a ways to go before I can comfortably fit into them)

Motivation: Have mom TAKE IN black and white dress for Kimmy's wedding! ( I didnt try the dress on yet, I will in a few weeks but Yes it will need taking in... YAHHH!!! )

MOTIVATION: FIT INTO MY WHITE JEANS FOR THE SUMMER( size 6) ( still on the ultimate motivations list... I can do this by feb but I cant wear my WHITE pants till summer! )

MOTIVATION: BUY NEW BATHING SUIT... NO MATTER WHAT THE PRICE!!!! ( actually I fit into my size 8 speedo bathing suit! But I will be buying a new bathing suit come next summer that will be something I look forward to!)

I can do all this! I am just happy that I am ahead of the game! and Its amazing to say that I only have 18 more lbs to lose! can you believe that 18 that's it!!!! So for my GAG challenge my goal is to lose a total of 18lbs but more than that create a steady work out routine and juggle my health and life in one easy transaction. That means taking care of family/cooking/cleaning/eating right and exercising regularly, without being tired our exhausted by the end of the day! oh not to mention work in there, and even play time with the munchkin butt... If I can get my life thus far under control than I know that I can do this!

My ultimate goal, not weight, not confidence but order, stability and consistency!

I also know that in order for me to progress within my career I need to be orderly, effective and efficient... I cant be any of these if I myself feel like I'm constantly falling apart now can I? no, so I am putting my best foot forward with more than just my health but my life! And its not just for me but my family too! I have a family to be here for and take care of, I have to make the effort to be everything and more of what they need. I refuse to have excuses for not being responsible when it comes to my family. I love them and they deserve the best!

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Measurments- sept 1, 2009

L arm: 12.5
R arm: 12.5
L thigh: 26
R thigh: 25.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 14.5
Bust: 34.5
Waist: 37
Thighs: 40.5