Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I completely forgot to weigh myself this morning. I will do it when I get home but it will not be the same.

Yesterday hubby did a very bad thing. Dunkin donuts! I asked for only a hot chocolate, he came home with a dozen donuts 2 just for me.... uhhh I had one last night and one this morning, CRAP I did a bad thing. I even told him he wasn't supposed to buy donuts cause he knows I can't have them. Or at least he shouldn't have bought my FAV! Anyway food yesterday I did very good, I had a tiny bit of pasta(maybe 10 pieces 1/2 cup cooked) and I just ate the meatballs, I know not "healthy" but it filled me up with protein instead of carbs.. Than dinner I had yams and carrots and some apple, with 1/3 cup potato and one piece of pork, all baked in the oven with a tiny bit of EVOO...

Soooo, the donut was not horrible adding to my very good day but it was not a wise choice! Now today I have to make up for the donut too. Which means, tiny lunch and light dinner.... I have no idea what I'm doing for dinner..

Today will be a super busy day, First it is my mother-in-law's bday, She doesn't get home till about 8 but I have to get her something for her birthday and I have to go and finish up the last few presents. Uh, I am so overwhelmed. All I want to do is get in a nice workout! I woke up late this morning, I'm tired as all hell and I know a nice walk or workout would sooo put me in the right mood! I also need a nice long nap.


  1. My honey was talking about donuts last night. I am so lucky though and there isn't a donut shop in town! It was cold and rainy and that always makes me want to fill my belly up with warm foods, lol. So I probably wouldn't have resisted either. Like you said though, just make up for it today!

    Hope your MILs Bday goes smoothly!

  2. I'm seeing a trend in my eating... seems like the day before weigh in is my bad day... they day I swear I will eat good, stay within calorie range...but that's the day I tend to snack...

    You are doing awesome... don't let a couple of donuts set you back. Just keep working at it...

  3. I haven't had a donut in over six months...I don't even remember quit what they taste like.
    when I get my cheat meal, it's usually some for of mexican or italian. My cravings tend to be bread of some sort. Italian bread dipped in olive oil and spices or tortillas wrapped around chicken and green tomatillo sauce..
    Luckily it's only one day, back otk.

  4. Sorry -- such a long comment!

    Donuts are tough to resist. Years ago my WW leader told us how when she was REALLY serious about staying on program, her husband brought home a brownie for her. They had issues and she thought it was a power play of some sort (so he could feel superior knowing she had no self-control or will power). With a little drama for effect, she took the brownie and shoved it in the garbage disposal. I don't know anything about her marriage but I always admired her flare for the theatrical and her determination. She was the best leader I ever had.

  5. Yay for brownies in the garbage disposal! LOL! That does two things (a) won the power play and (b) provides a POWERFUL illustation to motivate others. Now I will think of that next time I can't pawn honey's treats off on the kids and they are sitting there burning a hole in the counter calling my name. ;)

    You still didn't say if you got to weigh in yesterday -- let me know if you need a free pass!



Measurments- sept 1, 2009

L arm: 12.5
R arm: 12.5
L thigh: 26
R thigh: 25.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 14.5
Bust: 34.5
Waist: 37
Thighs: 40.5