Monday, December 07, 2009

Thanking my lucky stars!

So, after a whole night of my computer working hard to get rid of corrupted files it finally started working again at 4 this morning. I already transferred all of my photos! I have a few dozen songs left on my old laptop, I will try to take those this afternoon. After that I am going to use the computer as a storage device. It is slow and useless because it has no drivers but it will store plenty of files! I might lose a picture or two along the way but I take like 20 pics of the same thing all the time so its not that big of a loss.

I am happy that I was able to get back up and running on a new laptop thanks to best buy credit! sux but it comes in handy when you need it. Oh, as a netbook owner I needed to buy an SD card to store files on not to take up too much room on my sleek netbook. I got an 8GB SD card, guess what? Its half FULL! Not the best news in the world but I have all my pics and files on there. ALL of them. So Since I have a backup of ALL my pics I will be deleting a few off my card (like the 19 duplicates that I mentioned above).

I feel so advanced! I can carry my netbook, ipod, camera and cellphone all together in my purse! None of them weigh that much and they all keep long batteries! I think its a little sick that I was uploading pics this morning from a thumb drive to an SD card in my car. But hey that's just life. I do like the lighter more portable feel! So, this means that I will not be getting that e-reader. Hubby thinks I was crazy for wanting one but, boo hoo to him! I love to read and he loves video games, I want an e-reader and he wants the PSP go, neither of us are getting either at this point but that's fine. The laptop was a very unexpected necessity, I think I will be missing my old laptop heat in the middle of the night keeping my lap warm, while it overheated and worked slowly. Not to say that my new netbook is fast and spiffy its spiffy but thats' about where it ends.

I can not do that much with a single core processor. Very antiquated but for what I need it is plenty. I can blog, be paperless and light too! I have all my memory off the netbook which helps! But I think I have to keep my ebooks off the netbook also, I think it slows it down.

Now, all I have to do is keep my daughter away from my new netbook so she doesn't break it and I should be set. I gave her my old laptop and she dropped it on the floor twice, sat on it, jumped on it, smashed the keyboard, pulled the screen back way to far, and even tripped over it several times! Uh, the abuse! but I will be storing that laptop in a secret location away from my little monster! No matter how cute she is, she is still just like her father, DESTRUCTIVE! She got yelled at last night for eating mommy's year book! Oh yea, she really got it good too! I am not one for being a mean mommy but some times you just have to have them know what's right and wrong.

Unfortunately it makes me look like a bad mommy but oh well. My daughter is a good and happy little girl, I am not worried.

well, there is one bad part about the netbook now that I think about it... See with a 10" screen it is hard to watch videos on it. So I guess I will just use the PS3 to go on line, It will take some figuring out. I can do Youtube, but a different website I don't know how to yet.

Ok, now enough about new technology and gadgets, back to the old grind of the human body. With the big question for this weekend, Did I work out? can anyone answer that for me? I will give you a hint its a 2 letter word... its a bad word... yea, NO I did not work out this weekend. I was doing so great Saturday morning, that once my computer crashed I guess so did I. Well today is another day! I will work out today and I will eat better, Actually I did eat well this weekend! That's half of the battle isn't it?

Ok well I am at work and have tons of work to accomplish, I will try to stop by everyone's blog to visit and say hi. Talk to you all soon!


  1. Enjoy your new netbook!

    I just got a new laptop but am having to wrestle it out of dh's hands each evening as he wants to play & pouts that it is faster than his computer...sigh, now we're in negotiations about upgrading his computer. lol Boys & their toys.

    Have a great week!

  2. Congrats on your netbook! Hubby keeps saying I need one too. And he wants a wireless device to watch Netflix and YouTube on the TV. Get yor workout in girl!!!!

  3. That is so exciting! Congratulations and way to make sure you're gettting your workout in, even in this weather.

    You can watch ExerciseTV on the PS3, on Demand or on Hulu. They have a few of ExerciseTV's free full length workouts.



Measurments- sept 1, 2009

L arm: 12.5
R arm: 12.5
L thigh: 26
R thigh: 25.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 14.5
Bust: 34.5
Waist: 37
Thighs: 40.5