Monday, September 14, 2009

HELP, Im so confused!

Do I work full time? Should I work full time, Ladies what do you do? This is my problem.

I have an 11 month old at home. I love getting home at 230 and spending the rest of the day with her. But the interview I have this afternoon at 5 might change all that! The job is full time and will be from 8-430... meaning on a good day I will be home at 5, on a crappy day I will be home 515-530.... We are waiting to hear back from my hubby's job that he had the interview for. It went really well, but they have not gotten back to us yet. We need more money no matter which way you split hairs.... But The job I am being offered is a GREAT opportunity! Its a place I feel like I can stay for years, I am sooo confused! I just wish that they would pay me a HELL LOT MORE MONEY so that it would make my decision easier... sad right, anyway... I know I will have weekends with my daughter and all but I can't bear to lose the afternoon. We will still be able to do story time/go out for walks/ play, but I feel like I'm gonna be ripped away from her..

have any of you ladies gone through this? Where you have to decide between making a lil bit more money or staying home with your children... what would you suggest? or do you have any advice to help me get over myself... I know my daughter prob wont care one way or the other... The only thing is im still breastfeeding but I do feed her 5 times in a 24 hour period already. and it will prob change to 4 hours instead. I dont know what to do... Oh also she will not take milk from a bottle, no bm/no soy/wont do cow's milk. she does drink lots of water thats for sure! oh and she does eat healthy, yogurt every day and plenty of veggies and fruit! and she has her cereal and snacks that come with vitablocks.. will my daughter be ok without me? am I worrying over nothing? Should I just stay at my current job just to be with the wee one? I have no clue what to do with myself at this point....


  1. I have tried it both ways and in the end decided that money is just money. There are other things you need to weigh. Like your health and happiness. Money makes things run smoother, yes, but it doesn't mean it's always worth certain sacrifices. Babies aren't babies for long, credit scores can be repaired. Write a pros and cons chart, discuss it with your man, sleep on it and whatever you decide -- it's your decision and you get to learn and experience things that you can then bring back home to baby girl. Sorry to be a fence sitter, just wanted to say I sympathize with how HARD it is to make a decision like this.

    Good luck at the interview! ♥

  2. I can't say how it is to go back to work because I've been a SAHM for the past 6 years, but I do believe you *must* factor in your happiness when you make this choice.

    If you think this job will make you happy, and if the money will make things easier for your family, then it is something to seriously think about.

    No, money isn't everything *but* you do have to pay the bills.

    Lots of terrific moms work outside the home & still find a way to be moms, wives & professionals. Bless them for their organizational skills & ability to juggle so many things.
    If you go back to work, I am sure your daughter will be fine. You'd find a good day care & work something out with the feeding. You'd treasure every moment you have with her just as you do now.

    As long as kids know they are loved - that is what really matters. Even as a SAHM myself, I believe a good parent is one who cares & shows it. That isn't decided by whether you stay home or go to work.

    Best wishes on making your choice.

  3. Oh, honey, I feel you. The stinky part is, nobody is going to be able to tell you what is the right thing to do. I tried and tried and tried to work when my son was born. Went back full time, went back part time, worked in the evenings, just on the weekends, worked a career job, after quitting that I just worked a "job" job as a cashier, all of it.

    The bottom line of it all was that our family ran much more smoothly when I was at home, for a hundred different reasons. We are broke as a joke, and aren't doing a lot right now to put away for college and braces and retirement and whatnot, but we reassess every now and again. Weigh the pros and cons. And when my youngest goes to school I'll probably find something to do to contribute to our finances. Not sure if it will be of the career or the job variety - we'll just have to wait and see.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck.

  4. Happiness over Money! Get out your pros and cons list. Good luck!

  5. I'll give a definitive opinion. I've always been a working mom. My mom was a working mom. I LIKE my job and it pays pretty well, but it's hard on a family to not have a full-time homemaker. Mornings are a rush. After work is a rush. Weekends are so busy trying to catch up on everything. I am tired. My kids were raised by daycare employees, who were mostly pretty good because I spent invested time searching and paid well. There are plenty of bad ones though. Stay home at least until they are old enough for school if you can.

  6. Congrats on the weigh in! That is AWESOME! Team Prancer is rocking it this week and you are the highest so far!

    I had a few weeks of no loss a few months ago and thought it was because my 1 year old was smashing my scale around too much. I bought a second scale and it was calibrated slightly different so the readings were actually slightly higher but with the same consistent losses. So I am still using the first scale. I hope your scale turns out to be as hardy as mine!

  7. It is such a personal decision. If you are not happy with what you decide, it will have an undesirable effect on your family. All I can say is what works for me. I love being home with my kids and I feel like there is nothing that I can contribute to this world that is more important than the children and grandchildren I will leave behind some day. It was an easy decision for me, since my husband has a good job. But, I am giving up a large amount of money that I could bring home as a per diem nurse.



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