Wednesday, September 30, 2009


HOLLY COW! wow! we got first place for weight! YAHHH! its upsetting to see so many people that have dropped out. I love the challenge and I hope that everyone left feel the same way. We can get through this!

I weighted in again this morning at 146.5, than after I stripped, I was 147.5. so my scale is screwing with me. I believe that I am still at 146.5. I have done a maintain day yesterday. I do feel comfortable at this weight but I feel that the extra 10lbs will bring more of a loss in my arms and stomach. I feel that a maintain is success for me cause I want to be able to eat and do things on a normal basis without constantly gaining weight.

I really also more than anything want to be able to work out more and eat more. instead of not work out and eat less. I have to find a happy medium somewhere. Eat less on days I don't work out and eat what I want on days that I do work out. Today is nice outside I will be going for a long walk. 1 cause there is nothing to do this afternoon, 2 cause I need a good walk. I will be walking to the library which is a mile each way. than I will walk around to the school and back which should be about 3 miles total! Walking to the library is great cause I get that break after a mile, than for the long 2 mile stretch! I should really start walking to the market. Especially when its just for 1 or two things. But the underpass stinks like piss! uhhh sooo gross!

Well anyway, I have to find time to work out, hubby has been hangn round the tv the past few nights cause he hasn't been feeling good. I want to really start working out in the morning. But if I wake my daughter up ill have a shit fit! I usually wake up with her around 430, than she is out by 5 which would be great than to work out for a half hour 45 min than shower, and do some paperwork which would then be about 630 or so. I just get so tired rocking her back to sleep, that bed sounds soo good! I will figure something out I swear I will! Anyway the plans for a nice long walk this afternoon sounds fantastic!

on the flip side... This week and next week bring big plans! Tomorrow I have a lunch to go to for bugga's bday. Saturday its off to bj's for party "stuff", Sunday its brunch with nonna for bugga's bday. Monday is bugga's bday, than the rest of the week is cleaning and prep for the party on Saturday. I have to make about 6 dozen cupcakes and 2 cakes by next Friday! I am going to be doing baked zitti for the party and fried chicken with french fries... than I have to make a separate Lasagna for my cuz (my cuz is a lawyer and this is how I pay him) my friend is bringing spinach dip and there will be chips with salsa dip. Oh I know what I can do to ask my MIL to be apart of the party to make her salsa dip. I think Im gonna do some veggies and some ranch dip too. It sounds like a great idea. Since its fall I want to do apples as a fruit but I dont know what to pair it with. and I dont want to do berries... oh cantaloupe but is that really a winter thing? hmmm I dont know. Gots to see what the market has. Prob get a few lil pumpkins to put around, I cant think of anything else yet.

so much to do so little time!


  1. I can't believe we were the top losers this week!

    It is sad to see people drop out...I wonder if it is for the same reason I actually considered it for a few seconds...the whole "I'm not losing or gaining & dragging down the team" thing.

    Hey, if you do apple slices - toss in some graham crackers with them (or those sticks) & put a bowl in the middle with dip. Pumpkin dip is AWESOME (& so easy + somewhat healthy if you use reduced or fat free cream cheese) & goes great with both.

    Hope you get everything done in time w/o any stress!

  2. You'll get a hang of the maintain thing. By the time I get there I am scared I will have been losing for so long that I won't be able to adjust myself, lol! I hope your walk goes well. My town is pretty dirty too, I don't have a stinky underpass but sometimes you run into crazy toothless homeless people. They are usually friendly though, lol!

    I gave you a blog award. It's one of those survey things but if you have time stop by and read. Tnx! =)

  3. Sounds like a busy busy next week or two! Stay strong and stay on plan! Woo Hoo for us being the biggest losers again. YEAH!! I too feel sad that people are dropping out but they have their reason's I'm sure. We just have to keep moving forward and work on our own weightloss.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter!!



Measurments- sept 1, 2009

L arm: 12.5
R arm: 12.5
L thigh: 26
R thigh: 25.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 14.5
Bust: 34.5
Waist: 37
Thighs: 40.5