Thursday, September 03, 2009

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It's about the importance of what we say about ourselves. Its short and to the point


ok so in other news... today I am 151! back to where I should be! Also I am in soo much pain from working out! my joints, my muscles, uh even my ankle re sprained... but I think that was my daughter. Like I feel like I'm falling apart! its bad but I did work out last night I did EA active on easy, than I did 80 leg lifts (Pilate style) and 50 crunches. I wanted to also do 100 jumping jacks but I think I would have died if I tried. I am proud of myself but at the same time I have to try and take it easy tonight. I am going for a walk with my mom tonight. I am trying my hardest but I dont want to really do anything else tonight. its my rest night for EA active so I will be taking it. I had planned to do it on moderate tonight, we shall see how I feel. I want to do some work on alynn's blanky tonight. I also have some other stuff I need to get done. and my ankle has to heal a lil bit before my foot falls off! so tonight will just be a walk. Hey I am still doing a workout right? best thing is a walk. so I can't beat myself up about it. I have alot of plans for this weekend too! I have no idea how I am going to get through them. Me and omar are going out to dinner Tomorrow, to friday's I got a buy one get one coupon!!! I will eat just a lil and NOT take left overs! also sat I have a lunch date with my bff! shouldn't be that bad. lets say dinner, I'll get a salad or something. than I have a bbq on sunday. Im bringing brownees but I dont plan on eating them. I plan on eating a hot dog without a bun, and 1 hamburger. and than a serving of chips and dip... the cal count on that should be around 700. it will be my lunch, with a breakfast of 1 cup of yogurt at 150 cal. and than a light snack at night that I have 400 cal left over for! and that that I can eat up to 1500 cal... well I will not push it! I want to make this week FANTASTIC! oh also I will have salad if they have any!

so I keep on looking at my stomach, besides the fact that it is BEYOND GROSS!!! I noticed that the stretch marks are going away, BUT the wrinkly skin is getting worse! GROSS GROSS GROSS!!!! Its upsetting but you know what I have a feeling by the time I lose all the weight I will be satisfied enough with my tummy that I will be ok with it! OH thats what I got to use, that visible lift lotion from MK... I have it why not! hell you know what might work... exfoliate scrub, think about its all extra skin right, well if I exfoliate wouldn't it get rid of skin? I know im playn on a hunch but I think im gonna try, everyday you the exfoliate on my tummy than use the visible lift lotion! But whats great is this weekend at my cuz's house on Sunday they have a pool... sooooooo, I have my bathing suit! and its a one piece and its a size 8! I will have a lil tummy and what not but it wont be half as bad as wearing my preg bathing suit! (GROSS)

GAG Challenge!!!!
pool party bbq!
Part 1:
this kind of only applies for pool parties and the fact that my daughter wants to walk everywhere. My game plan is to stay in the pool about half the time we are there with my daughter. Than most of the rest of the time I will be walking around and entertaining my daughter. This usually takes up all the time I have in a day anyway. Better yet I will not have time to sit down and munch munch munch. Since I love chips, I know that a serving is 13 chips and a serving of dip is about a tbsp. so I will count how many chips I will be having and 13 is the lucky number. Also instead of taking alot of dip per chip, I will be taking just a taste of dip or none per chip. Also since its a bbq, there will be hot dogs and hamburgers. I will have 1 hotdog without a bun. that will be about 170 cal. (dip 100, chips 140)... so far my cal count will be at ~400.. that leaves 300 for a burger. which fits just right! There you go! that will be my lunch/dinner also. AND most of it I will be working off swimming in the pool and walking around with my daughter!
part 2:
what to take:
salad with carrots, celery, tomato, cucumbers, lettuce (you need that), black olives, and home made dressing of balsamic vinegar and olive oil with a dash of salt.

that was part 2 (for a bbq): last night (Tues) I went to a friends house. and of course I had to bring something. I brought zucchini flowers. You cant find them in stores so unless you know someone who grows zucchini's your not going to find them, but they are YUMO!!! and also very light but filling. I make them with egg and flour and a lil salt. that's it! I dont know the cal count on the flowers, so I cant give a good read on to how well to gauge it but they are healthy and light, so it cant be that bad!

ps: Im bringing brownee's to the bbq, cause I make the best brownee's ever... but I will not be eating them. NO SIRREE!!


  1. i wish i could take brownies and not eat them! that is some super strong will power! have fun!

  2. WOO HOO! We are on the same team! Yeah! Sounds like you have a great plan for this weekend! E-mail me anytime you need help, advice, etc!

    ~~Heather S.

  3. Hello fellow Prancer.
    The name cracks me up, lol.
    Just wanted to say that I'm here if you need anything!

    You've got it right -- no brownies!
    Well, except for at my house because my daughter wants a brownie cake for her birthday this weekend. Oh yeah...torture!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hello fellow team mate Prancer!
    Have a great holiday weekend


  5. Heya fellow prancer!

    That looks like you've been doing a fabulous job with the workouts. Good luck at the BBQ!



Measurments- sept 1, 2009

L arm: 12.5
R arm: 12.5
L thigh: 26
R thigh: 25.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 14.5
Bust: 34.5
Waist: 37
Thighs: 40.5