Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My scale VS My daugher

My scale lost!
I think its broken! I am 144????? hmmm maybe I should take measurements

I feel still just as big as I was at 153! and not only that I had a HORRIBLE WEEKEND! I had a donut I had cookies, I pigged out on candy, I HAD BREAD!!!!! yuck yuck yuck! uhh I can't get over everything I ate... but oh well. I felt like with sat/sun I would need to take a pass for this week but apparently my broken scale says I am below my Oct 5th goal???? Yea ok whatever...

Anyway dispite the fact that I would LOVE to say that I am 144 (and according to hubby he thinks I am cause "once your metabolism kicks in it just keeps on going so it doesn't matter what you eat") But I feel no different 5 lbs is a lot! than again im all depressed and bent out of shape over here so that might make me not feel it. like my legs look just as big, they feel just as big, and my pants feel just as tight. the only difference I feel is I HAVE LOST ALL MY CURVES and I feel like my tummy has deflated a lil bit more, But not enough for a change in 5lbs!

Also I haven't been working out a lot either yesterday I walked for an hour, over the weekend we went to the mall for about an hour of walking... but I think that's about it! although my daughter has wanted more milk soooo I have prob been up on bf cal burn to about 500, which is alot! but.... I dont know, maybe... im not convinced! anyway... life goes on

I had the interview yesterday it went FANTASTIC!! and after stressing myself out on sat (to no end) about not having anything to wear... I WAS OVER DRESSED for the interview! uhhh I hate when I do that! I think I made a great impression though and I do have a great new edition to my wardrobe thanks to mommy dearest! lets see what did I get a new t-shirt, Tahari blazer jacket, j crew blouses, bob machi sweater (love it!!!), I got some other stuff too, linen cropped jacket to go with my linen pants (white suit complete: to die for!)... I got the perfect black dressy sweater! on another cropped white jacket (summer only) and another sweater jacket which is way cute, kine of like my Oscar suit but its not as vivacious!

oh cloths do make me happy!

so now since rambling on made me feel better about my wardrobe (its a sick relationship)... hey its all free! And I wore the cutest outfit yesterday to work. I wore my new t-shirt which is beige with gold and my charcoal pants with my beige shoes and my beige bag... too cute! hehe! that was for work... for the interview I wore my tweed black and white skirt with the new black sweater I got and my nine west shoes... SUCH a winter outfit but whatever. I should have prob worn a short sleeve top instead but who cares! I think I killed it! today I had nothing to wear so I pulled off a simple all brown outfit with a bcbg hoodie (beige/brown/black) and my beige shoes with my beige bag again... damn ok this whole beige thing is crazy! I"m not a beige kind of girl! although these shoes are perfect for this season! although they are getting kind of dirty these might be their last season... hell they are also wayyy to big! and my friend has them in black! AHHH soo bad! we had another pair of roxy shoes that were the same too. uhh I hate having the same thing or even something similar as someone else... Im sick like that...

also on the home front, I have decided that if hubby gets his job I will stay at my current part time job and just sign him up for medicaid... and... If he doesn't than I will work. I know I am throwing away such a FANTASTIC opportunity but I'm not sure if I can really leave my daughter all day. I mean I hope to be getting a raise from where I am now ( I really hope!) but if hubby works it will come out to the same amount of money, sooo I will let you all know I have to have my final decision by the end of the week. I just hope that hubby gets called back. :( hell I just wish he would work FULL TIME... but anyway... :(

so about them cloths.. haha,

oh I just taked to hubby we are going to "test" the scale, we will see if he still weighs the same or lost 5lbs just like me... see if that works... ok back to work I go!


  1. Maybe try testing it with something that won't change... like an unopened bag of flour... or something that you know exactly how much it weighed before... if you have a 10 lb handweight, etc... might give you a better idea... good luck!

  2. THANKS! I was gonna put hubby on the scale and see if he lost 5lbs, which is sooooooo unlikely... Im gonna find out this afternoon. Ill try the weight thing too! thats a great idea!

  3. You are welcome! And thanks for the compliments over on my page... :) Good Luck with next weeks challenge. I can't wait to see what Sheila has in store for us...

  4. Using your husband to test the scale is a great idea. Good luck figuring out what's going on.

    All those clothes sound so fabulous. It seems like you have great taste. Congratulations on the interview going well!

  5. Thanks Yea my cloths make me happy, Im not a materialist person but I enjoy fashion to its fullest! Hell people post what they eat I should post what I wear.. hehe, naw I wont do that. I change too many times!

  6. Wow, kind of exciting to see if your scale is on the mark or not.
    I'll try to remember to swing by to see the results!

    Best wishes on the job front - whichever way you decide!



Measurments- sept 1, 2009

L arm: 12.5
R arm: 12.5
L thigh: 26
R thigh: 25.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 14.5
Bust: 34.5
Waist: 37
Thighs: 40.5