Friday, October 02, 2009

last week

Last week I met my 145 goal. I was there. I swear I was! Today the scale read 148.... uhhh WTF! ok I seriously have to stop slacking! Granted it is a real feat for me to be anywhere below 150. BUT I PLAN ON STAYING BELOW 150 FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE! This is crazy! I can't live with myself right now! I am beyond mad at myself!!!! I can't believe I gained back 3lbs!!!! I know that I can do this weight loss thing! I can! I even went for 2 walks in the past 3 days! I cant get over this! at least make a maintain. So I was going to work out this morning. it was a complete fail! First off, I set my alarm for 530! I did I set my alarm and was all over getting up and working out! I really wanted to. But aparently my daughter's teeth had other plans. She was up at least 3 hours last night till she finally went to sleep in daddy's arms around 5am. (she was still sleeping in our bed when I left for work... they are to die for cute together!) so the whole 530 thing go blasted out of the water when I woke up 5 to 7... with 20 min before I had to leave for work... :(

I am going to try and work out when I get home if my daughter is sleeping... oh does moving the living room furniture count as a work out? I did that last night... we have a big problem being in the basement with the boiler... :( But I made it work, just now there is no set area that my daughter can't get out of... aka she can roam free of the whole basement ... bad idea momma...

on to better news!

Hubby gave me the option last night for my xmas present: Wii Fit Plus or jewelry... I really want new jewelry but I am so going with Wii Fit! I have wanted it forever! But I will not let hubby buy it till I can get through a full 30day challenge of EA active! I really hate myself at this point for not using it more. I love it soo much and I never use it. Well that will change, if I want the Wii Fit and by all hell I do.. I will complete the 30 day challenge! Starting today! NOW.......GO! (sorry Baby Einstein humor... how sad)

So despite the fact that I seem so mad and upset with myself, the fact that I had a crappy morning so far. That I dont have my morning tea. or that I am 3lbs heavier than I should be... I'm in a great mood! Yes you heard it hear, my day has gone horribly wrong but I am in a great mood... Go figure!

I feel like I got down to my prepreg weight and I am happy, but I am not done yet. You know when you reach the point where your good and continuing is optional.. well I'm there now.. and I want to continue. I want to keep working hard to lose the weight. I am determined after seeing the scale this morning. That horrid number is going to be then end of my upward turn. I used to always bounce around between 149-153.. that was my weight... Well let me tell you I never want to be more than 140 by the end of this challenge. NEVER AGAIN! I want my weight to bounce between 130-135! My goal is 135 but I dont want to bounce between 135-140. Cause that would be too close to where I never want to be. I know that this is where this challenge starts to get tough I understand that this is where my determination and persistence has to kick in and be on point. I got my butt out in the cold to go walk I can take it a step further and get working on the EA Active. I can burn 150-180 cal at a time that way.. its only a half hour! it is an amazing workout that will help me tone and get back into a healthy, energetic, happy state of mind.

So on the point of being healthy and happy, I want to go more green. not only for the environment but also for my wallet. So since I am cheep (well broke), for xmas I am going to ask for those "green" bags that they sell at the supermarket. I really want them, I hate using the plastic bags and I want something that is better for the environment. I also am trying to reuse ziplock bags... Like if I used them for veggies I will rinse them out than round two I will use when I freeze meat, than they go in the trash. Instead of just using them once and tossing them. I also stopped using the swiffer cloths. Despite how much I love swiffer those things are expensive and add up in the trash can... so instead of using swiffers I have discovered that using the burp cloths (cloth diapers) work just as well and then are reusable and usually pick up more per use than do the swiffer cloths! Also something I have to do more of is use vinegar instead of all those other harsh chemicals. I have the big gal already, its there its cheep oh and its safe for my little one! I mean we already have a water filter, so we are not buying bottles of water all the time. The filters are expensive but bottled water is more expensive. I also don't buy so many drinks in bottles I try to buy the drink mixes instead. Hubby likes them and they save alot of "green"...

I need new ideas for being green, Does anyone have an idea?
I have:
"green" shopping bags
reuse ziplocs before just throwing them in the trash
Stopped using swiffer cloths
Vinegar instead of chemicals
water filter
drink mixes instead of bottled drinks.

I already try to save on gas, we always walk to the library. (but thats 2 fold) I try not to drive everywhere, like if we need to go from place to place make one outing instead of 5...

But I feel there is much more that I can do to be "green", I am very conscious of what I do, I have a thermos that I take to work every morning for my tea, I do need a water bottle though. I really want one for the Disney store. So I am going to wait a lil while. I try to reuse the Poland Spring bottles but uhh they suck! Anyway. I dont have any other idea's.... oh well I will leave it at that! That is where my mind is on "Being Green" today


  1. Wow, you're choosing Wii Fit over jewelry?

    Green things we do:
    reusable shopping bags (I keep a ton in the van & they go everywhere from the grocery store to Walmart to the farmer's market)
    compact bulbs in everything
    recycle all plastic, paper, glass & metal
    clean with vinegar, essential oils & castile
    buy rainforest alliance, shade grown coffee
    teach my kids about recycling, conserving energy, etc...

    I guess I'm not very green. ;)

    Have a great weekend & don't let the scale stress you. It could be entirely different by your next weigh in.


  2. So lucky! I would love a wii fit...but I"m afraid that if we bought it I wouldn't use it enough to warrent getting one.

    Don't be so hard on yourself. We all have bad days. We just have to learn from them and move on... each day is a new day to do better.

    Keep looking toward your goal, focus on it, and you will be there!



Measurments- sept 1, 2009

L arm: 12.5
R arm: 12.5
L thigh: 26
R thigh: 25.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 14.5
Bust: 34.5
Waist: 37
Thighs: 40.5