Thursday, October 01, 2009

This award is bestowed upon a fellow blogger
whose blog content or design is, in the giver’s
opinion, brilliant. This award is about bloggers
who post from their heart, who oftentimes put
their heart on display as they write from the
depths of their soul.

Thank you Christine! I feel honored! Ten things about myself that no one knows....

1) first off my name, its also Christine ... BUT I call myself chupsie whenever it has to do anything with writing.. it used to be cupa, which actually is chupa, but if anyone knows Spanish its not a great name to have. I stole my nickname from my cuz bff in Italy.
And as for that chupsie was supposed to be chups. Most people still call me chups but a few of my friends gave me the name chupsie, so they use that instead. The name originally came from Chupa Chups lollypops!
2) I used to be a big punk girl, like hangn out with the kids with 3 ft mohawks, listenin to ramones and shit. I wish I still did. I used to hang out at the local coffee shop called the witches brew. I had lots of fun me and my punk friends but I guess people grow up. Im still the same person inside but I no longer have my ripped jeans, my 6" platform shoes with bondage straps and ripped band shirts. I loved the way I used to dress! I had my arms covered in bracelets too, all kinds! anything that I could strap on my wrist I would! I wore spikes and everything! I really miss those days! I dont even think I have any pics of what I used to look like.
3) My bff is my soul mate, she is my everything I love her more than anyone! I have a hubby and a child, she is up there with them. well depending sometimes she comes before hubby. but the only one she cant top is my daughter. otherwise she knows everything about me. she is my soul mate, she is practically the reason i breath. Before my daughter she was number one there was no one else. I would live for her and I would die for her.... She lives in Iceland. I have seen her 4 times since my freshman year in HS, that was more than 8 years ago... I talk to her every day for hours on end.
4) I'm a workaholic... as much as I would rather stay home I need to work to function.. I fall apart on weekends cause im not in a working mode.
5) I dont understand how anyone can let themselves gain so much weight without caring about it. I applaud all of you who are making a change in your life but personally I could never ever let myself be so heavy. I weighed so much due to my pregnancy and I fought day and night to get rid of the weight. I don't believe in being "the perfect size" but around 8-10 is the biggest I could see someone getting. yes its a very European mind set sorry ladies, but that's how I was raised.
6) I guess the biggest punk thing about me is that I listen to rap/hip hop/r&b... I have ever since I was little, prob 5 years old. I used to listen to hot 97 back then and still do today, I used to know every rhyme, hook and verse.
7) I don't talk to my father. And not cause it has anything to do with our relationship. I don't want him apart of my daughter's life. He is a mean grouchy fuck and has this air of hate around him. he never has anything nice to say and all he does is yell and hurt children feelings. I don't want my daughter exposed to that. He is my father, fine whatever. oh and my parents are still happily married for 26 years. and I talk to my mom all the time. I just dont bother with him.
8) I'm a grade A loner. and I like it that way. I'm super social when I want to be but I prefer to be me,myself and I. other than that I have always gotten along with people much older than me! like my mom's friends older than me! I love all her friends, they all hold a special place in my heart! as for people my age I can really do without them.
9) my biggest inspiration/hero is my mom... she grew up in poverty, starting taking care of her family(mom/dad/bro/sis) at the age of 13. She moved here at the age of 20 to get married in an arranged marriage. She quickly got away from her new abusive husband. settled down with NO education into the fashion business and is now living in one of the most affluent towns in NYS. From poverty she has a life most people would only dream of. It takes hard work and balls! I have her same drive to do what she does. But if you talk to her she will only tell you how much I don't like her. Not for the fact that I don't love her or anything but as great of a person she was she never was a mother to me. After raising her brother and sister I think she didn't want to raise her own kids any more. My dad was a stay at home dad.
10) My real mother is my aunt, she raised me. case in point here is an example. I got my TOM the first time in Feb, I told my mom all she said was congratulations, than walked away. My aunt lives in italy so I had to wait till june when I went to italy how to track my period and that I should keep a pad on me when the TOM comes around and to wear a heavier one at night, you know all the in-n-outs. My mom all she said was congrats... my aunt taught me about the bible, how to cook and clean, most importantly she taught me right from wrong, respect, and how to live a happy and simple life. I owe everything I am to my aunt.

there you go ladies, there is alot more to me, than those but I think those matter most. I strive to always be myself so if you check back with me in about 30 years those should still be the same, they were the same back in hs... and yes back than I made the decision about my father.

oh now ten people.. damn I dont know... I think everyone I have on here is from GAG and I have a feeling they have all been taged....


  1. Well ouch.

    I won't lie, I'm having a bit of trouble commenting after reading item #5. I'm a bit amazed, in fact, about how much I'm letting it sting me. Part of me is even aching to reply back with something equally judgmental, an impulse I'm pretty horrified by. I'm not going to. But ouch.

    Sorry to hear you had such a tough time with your parents growing up.

  2. First, thank you for commenting on my survey and that is so cool that we are kindred souls.

    I haven't had a Chupa Chups in years! Oh man I loved those . . .

    I have never been to Iceland, but have met several super cool people from there!

    About #5. My grandma was at very least 300lbs on a good day and had several gastro by pass surgeries in her life. The last one killed her. I always felt that being fat was something someone couldn't help and I was always scared it would happen to me. It did, finally, when I was newly married. And sadly, the weight all came on so fast and I didn't think I could do anything about it but punish myself when I binged, starve myself for weeks on end, and pray that I didn't gain. I thought it was genetics and I was ashamed. I hid away at home and didn't really let myself live a full life for a long time. A big part of why I kept the weight on so long was because my inner dialogue was saying to myself the very thing you typed here. I don't hold your opinion against you. But thought I'd point out that I am really short so even at 135 lbs I was never in anything but a tight 10 or a 12 pants wise. Bodies are different. People are different. And it's all cool.

    I enjoyed reading about you and again, big congrats on hitting 50 lbs lost. I am right on your heels. ♥

  3. Um, wow, #5 is kind of tough for me, too.

    Not everyone is born to fit a size 8. Personally, I don't know that I'll ever lose enough weight to be that size & just don't care. It isn't all about size, it is about health. A small size does not automatically = good health.

    Not everyone just "lets themselves get fat". Sometimes you are busy & so ivolved in your life that you honestly don't realize until one day you are buying a larger size. It makes you stop & think, but then something else happens & you're off & running again, size forgotten until the next time you buy a larger size & so forth.

    Some people have medical conditions that make weight really easy to gain & really tough to lose. Hadley knows what I am talking about.

    Hormone imbalance that effects insulin secretion & sensitivity makes every pound a challenge.
    Not that everyone else has it so much easier, but some people have to get their medical conditions figured out first, find what will actually work, before they can even think about losing weight.

    I think your blanket statement was very demeaning to those of us who are fat & have been for a while.

    I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, so I'm trying really hard not to take it personally, but seeing as how we are involved in a weight loss just doesn't feel very supportitive or empathetic.

    I'm sorry your mother didn't have much to give to you emotionally, but am glad you found that in your aunt. She sounds like a terrific person.

  4. Ok sorry, I should edit that to make it more clear. I told Hadley already a lil bit more. I completely understand when its a medical issue that there is really nothing you can do about it. But like I told Hadley, you ladies on here losing weight are doing something. I am talking about someone who whole heartily doesn't care that they have no control over there weight or health for that matter. When in fact they do... I will edit the post so that I can explain myself better gtg run home to bugga she be sick



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