Monday, October 26, 2009

"Let me help you eat that"

So as you may all know, I'm on a tight budget when it comes to money. Especially in the food department. So much so that I have applied for food stamps. So anyway, I budget out how much food me and hubby will eat, and what I will make for the munchkin. I can keep our grocery bill down to under $100 a week. That being said last week, I was able to spend only $30. Which was just fresh foods and bread. They had a great sale on the bread that I eat for breakfast. Peperage Farm Cinnamon Raisin Bread. I'm not a bread person but I need my filling of carbs in the morning to keep me till 2:30 when I get home from work. Mainly my breakfast consists of a slice of toast and a half cup of yogurt.

So I found the bread on sale for 2/3! WOW, usually a loaf is $3.99. So I grabbed 2 loafs and called it a day. I figured it would last me 3 weeks. that's $8.00 that I don't have to spend! Yet I bought the two loafs of bread on Wednesday. Now at 1 or even 2 slices a day there should be 1 whole loaf and a half left over right? well, I go into the kitchen this morning and smell Cinnamon raisin. I say yummy! Little did my nose care that my eyes saw that there was a whole loaf eatten already! Now back track...

My mother -in - law is eatting my bread. mind you we are on a tight budget me and hubby. And by all hell my mother - in -law doesn't help with anything if anything she hurts! So a few weeks ago, I was eating breakfast and my mother-in-law comes in. She sees me eating my yogurt and 1 slice of toast. She goes to me "let me help you eat that", Takes my loaf of bread and takes 4 slices. Rambling on how I don't eat enough, mostly about me on a diet but that she is fat and she doesn't care and is still going to eat her 4 slices of MY BREAD.

Now for the past few days, I think my mother-in-law has gotten to my bread. Normally if you were anyone considerate I would love to share with you. But, when you take advantage and abuse a good thing I get mad. I had toast maybe 2 times in the past 4 days. Maybe I had 3 slices. so how does that whole loaf of bread disappear? My lovely ungrateful, inconsiderate, overweight, unhealthy, glutton of a mother - in-law. She has been eating 4 slices every morning for the past few days. Why? Cause she is too lazy to go food shopping. I spend more money on their food than I do on ours! It happens all the time! Everything I buy they use! I understand that if there is bread sure have some, but don't eat the whole fuckn thing on me! Have a lil respect and consideration!

Now this doesn't just apply to the bread, this is anything I put in the fridge. Now, I think everyone knows that I don't drink soda, or anything else besides water. Well a few months ago I had bought myself a special treat. Its Italian lemon soda. Its not sweet like normal soda, its 150 cal per can, so seeing how I'm on a diet its a very rare and special treat for me. That and I have to be in the mood to have a stomach ache afterward. Now since its imported its expensive. I got a six pace and called it a day. I have one can left. Mind you I only had 3 previously. So where did the other 2 go? Into my mother-in-law. Who knew that it was a special treat for myself. I bought it as my b-day present! Did she care? No!

Now, me and my hubby are 2 people. I buy things like potatos, butter, milk, eggs, drinks, garlic, onions, tomatos, canned tomatos, bread (not just my bread), ketchup, dish detergent, laundry detergent, Clorox whips, and the list goes on. Now its me hubby and my one year old daughter. We live with my Mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Why am I paying for those 4 extra people. Not to mention that my father-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law are BEYOND WASTEFUL! They have a plate of food and wind up throwing more than half of it in the trash! EVERY DAY! The only reason I don't put my mother in law in that category is her mouth is a garbage! She will have 10 servings of anything put in her face! So She doesn't waist food, but everyone else does. I pay my hard earned money for the rest of them to throw it in the trash!

Me and hubby buy special detergent, for my daughter's cloths... I have to hide it! Yea I know pathetic! When is this ever going to stop! Yes we live there for free, but believe me I already pay my dues and its not in the stuff that they use of ours. I am their personal driver! I'm my sister-in-laws babysitter (she is 15!), I am the only one who cleans in that house! uhhh, I'm sick of this shit! I want to move!!!!!! NOW

sorry bout the rant... I'm beyond frustrated!


  1. Eep. Not fun! I hope your life situation changes soon. Until then, find a sanctuary where you can get away and rant all you need!

    You need a locking mini fridge in your room. And a safe. =o)

  2. I agree with Christine about the locking mini fridge and cupboard! Yikes! I feel your pain. I lived with my two BILs and MIL for 6 months before my dh and I bought our house. NOT my idea of fun. And it wasn't that bad since I didn't have to shop or cook. She did it all. =) I would be beyond frustrated in your situation. Vent all you want. I hope you can get out of this situation sooner rather than later!!!



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