Monday, October 12, 2009


So this weekend I want to say I did very well, in total I had 3 cupcakes on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. We still have about 3 dozen cupcakes left. and a quarter of the bday cake! I was great with cake Im estimating that each cupcake was 225 cal(on the high side) But I think I made more of an opps with the spinach dip! yummo! my friend makes it, its the most amazing thing in the world! soo fn good! my goal was less chips but more dip! Yesterday I would have to say I had 3 servings of chips and about 7 servings of dip. its cheese and artichokes and spinach, not crazy bad for you but cal do add up. I have no idea how much it would be and I don't want to know. all I know is friday I was 144, I have not weighed in since. If I had any idea I would say its back at 146. I will be working out tonight so I should be swollen tomorrow. I am still sick. and my point count from last week is all messed up, I will try to fix it and give a total later. I am happy to say that even though I am still sick, I was able to get everything done the party went well (thanks to amazing friends!) and we will be having a new addition to the family soon! (april 8th) Hubby's aunt, she is 34, my new bff! she is 4 months preggo. Im sooo mad she kept it from me, but not mad enough not to be SUPER BEYOND WORDS HAPPY! They kept the preggo from everyone! so im not soo upset, than again all she had to do was smile and I knew! oh its soo exciting I hope its a boy! I hope I hope I hope! Anyway I can tell you right now most of my wed/fri will be taken up by taking care of the new momma! uh I cant even tell you how happy I am! I am going over there on Friday to help her out cause she has 2 kids and is super sick, poor thing. Anyway, I am still sick myself, better but if not better by wed I am going to the doc! (two fold a scale that is very accurate!) Oh and I got back the food stamps stuff, I sent in all the documents that they needed! I am soo proud of myself! I am really hoping that this goes through. I know that its not something to be proud about but its something that will save me and hubby's butt every month!

And I have a new modivating factor to keep my desk at home organized every day... my daughter can reach and pull everything down! AHHH, its hell, so every day for the past week I have been keeping it all nice and clean and everything put away... also, despite my constant complaints of not having everything always in its place, found all the paperwork for the food stamps in like 5 min and was able to do it all in like 20! I have to say that I am very organized even though I complain I'm not as organized as I want to be.

I am going to be working out tonight without fail! and I am going to be walking tomorrow. I dont know if 2 workouts tomorrow is a good idea cause I am still sick. I will see when the time comes. Ok well lata everyone, I got to go check on the rest of my team and I have to change my background for the week of silence that is rapidly approaching!


  1. Glad you survived the party & it went so well.

    Don't overtax yourself while still sick or it could delay your recovery rate. Get your water in & be sure to take time to sleep. :)


  2. Congrats on the expecting friend/relative! How exciting. It sounds like you did great with the party and congrats on getting your papers sent in. Listen to Lynn, that's some good advice! Get better soon. ♥

  3. Yeah!! I'm so happy the party went well. Yeah spinach dip is my downfall too. So darn good!!! I hope you start feeling better soon. And like Lynn said, don't overtax yourself and go backwards, you won't be good to anyone then!!!



Measurments- sept 1, 2009

L arm: 12.5
R arm: 12.5
L thigh: 26
R thigh: 25.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 14.5
Bust: 34.5
Waist: 37
Thighs: 40.5