Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New England Clam Chowder!

Yummy Yummy Yummy Yummy Yummy!!!!!

All I have to say is new England clam chowder is really easy to make! Sorry no pics but I do have to say it looked, smelled and tasted and yummy! I found the recipe online on youtube! Its actually an Alton Brown special that they added to youtube. So there is this thing called Pork Bacon. I never heard about it before. Holy cow its glorified bacon, there is soo much salt on it too. uh anyway the recipe calls just for the pork bacon fat. that onions, potatoes milk, clams and clam juice. I always though it was this way complicated dish. If you watch the video , you'll see just how easy it is. now most shows the elapse time so that cooking for like 3 hours only takes a half. well just to let you know it only took an hour from beginning to end! I do have to say that I did have two servings though.

Anyway besides yummy chowder (yes I like saying chowder), I have worked out for the past 2 days. I am very proud of myself. I do have to say that working out with the munchkin is not that easy. She keeps on pulling on my resistance band and tries to take my Wii remote away from me. Oh and the best had to be my daughter laughing at me. Yes she was laughing at me working out... Great confidence booster! yea right.. well I'm happy I make someone laugh... :(

More importantly this morning I weighed in at 143, I am not sure how accurate that actually is but I hope it is progress! I do have to say that I have been doing very poorly on keeping my cal down, than again my water intake has been quite low. I have been averaging 10 glasses a day. I need to go buy myself a water bottle to take to work with me. I am thinking one that holds 20 oz. This way I have 12 in the am 12 as tea, 20 oz at work, and 12 more oz as soon as I get home. now that's 56 oz by 3 pm! I think that's pretty good!

I will be focusing on my water these next few days to see if it helps. I am hoping with the increase of water I can decrease my cal at lest by 100 or so. I have to see how I did with the Chowder, to see if I went over at all. I am aiming for 1200 a day and before dinner I was at 600 for the day. Which means if 2 servings was 600 or less I'm in! Oh speaking of counting cal. I am wearing my pants, that back in august Just fit, now I do have to say that I am down almost 10lbs! Holy cow! But I put my pants on today and they feel a lil lose without being all strapped up in tights! This is progress! I wish that I could see overall loss in my arms though. Like I feel when I take a pic of myself I have this lil head on this fat body cause my arms make me look huge! I look ok when I wear long sleeve shirts but I feel very uncomfortable in a long sleeve shirt. I feel that it is cause my arms are so much larger. I know they have gone down but has it gone down enough is the question? NO! is the answer...

So besides my fat arms, I am very happy with my gag results as of yet. I know that the challenge is only half over and I hope to double my results in the coming weeks.


  1. I love clam chowder! Thanks for linking that video, I needed a new england version recipe! My kiddos are funny when I am working out. That's why I either do a walk w/ the stroller or wait until the little Bubba is napping so I can do a video. He will try to use my equipment or ask me to pick him up. The dogs used to jump at me and try to figure out what was going on too! The girls mostly just try to do the workout too, which is major cute. ♥

  2. Mmmm... clam chowder! Aussie's just don't know what they're missing!!! I am so making this next week :)

    Congrats on the scale progress and the workouts! I have to wake up early and do them while the kids sleep so I don't get laughed at, but sometimes they sit on the couch and watch if I'm not finished yet when they wake up, and those little giggles and oohs and ahhs are, as you said, hardly encouraging! Funny though.

    Thanks for your comments :) I appreciate.



Measurments- sept 1, 2009

L arm: 12.5
R arm: 12.5
L thigh: 26
R thigh: 25.5
L calf: 15
R calf: 14.5
Bust: 34.5
Waist: 37
Thighs: 40.5